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This is a review of ACE Mystery Shopping.  I got into mystery shopping a year or two ago and have worked with several companies.  There are a lot of “scam” companies out there and a lot of good solid companies too.   ACE is one of the good ones.

One thing I was told early on after finding my first scam (and I wish I could remember who told me so I could give credit) was that if you ever have to pay to be a mystery shopper stay away from it.  All the good companies I have worked with have had no up front cost.

ACE Mystery Shopping Review by Jacob Barlow

ACE is like most companies, they have opportunities listed on the website, you read and watch some training and apply for the “shop,” if you get it (I’ve never not gotten one right away) they expect you to follow through with the assignment on the date you said you’d do it when you applied.

What will you actually be doing? This varies, I had thought that each company would have a wide variety of shop types available and maybe it is just the fact that I’m in Utah that they don’t but each company has in my experience had one or two types of shops they stick to.  ACE has been offering shops where you go to (Named removed)* and see how the cell phone salesmen treat you, it’s really easy and pays about ten bucks.  You’re not going to get rich with it, but if you have an extra 15 minutes to stop by a (Named removed)* and an extra 10 minutes to type in detail about your experience and that 30-ish minutes is worth $10 to you than go for it.  You can trust the company, no scams or anything like that.

I hope you found this helpful and valuable, please comment if you did.

*Ace contacted me on 28 Feb 2013 and asked that I remove the name of their client from this post.