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judging  present participle of judge (Verb)

  1. Form an opinion or conclusion about.

I’ve had several experiences lately that I felt were a slap in the face to say “Jacob! Stop judging people!”

I’m talking about times when I look at someone and say to myself “They wouldn’t be interested because _____”   and then they surprise me and say that yes, they are interested in learning more when I finally face my “fear” and ask.

I am really trying to learn to talk to everyone, there is no reason to be addicted to the outcome, nobody has to say yes and I really believe that a “no” is as good as a yes because all I’m looking for is an answer.  I ask if they’d be open to a way to make money if it didn’t conflict with what they have going on and they either are or are not, not being open to making money in another place is not a rejection of me, it’s a simple, honest answer.

So don’t worry, just ask.  Would everyone think you’d be interested in what you are doing now if they were asked back before you started?  probably not, but you sure are.  Don’t judge and DON’T worry about the answer, take the answer you get and be happy about it.  I’m just as happy to get a no as I am to get a yes, I’ve got to be.