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Facebook Jail… have you been there?

Facebook is a little overactive at trying to get people in trouble if you haven’t noticed…  If you add too many people or the wrong person you get banned from requesting friends or messaging people you’re not friends with for a period of time.  The period of time grows each time you’re “caught” and levels out at 30 days, they say you get banned forever if you get the 30 day too many times. 

The problem is there is no way to dispute it.  I add someone I know and when they either accept or deny facebook asks them if they actually know me, personally.  If they happen to say no for whatever reason, maybe they forgot, maybe they clicked the wrong answer by mistake, anything, then I’m banned.  I’m not told who I added without knowing them, I’m not told anything other than I’ve been bad and I better stop. 

It gets frustrating, I hope when you accept or deny friend requests you’ll just ignore the follow up question, it is not required and maybe if people ignore it they’ll stop asking.  I know that’s a lot to hope for but I can hope.
I started being really careful, only requesting people I KNEW for a fact knew me, it still happened.
I started being MORE careful, only adding people after asking them if I could, it still happened.
I got even more careful, it still happened.  I’m at the point where I think I’ll only ask people to add me.  It hurts relationships and business to not be able to talk for a month.