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Start Trusting

This picture was taken about two and a half months ago, we were sledding in the mountains near a creek and I thought it would sure be funny if I didn’t stop before going into the creek like everyone else was doing. Kristie warned me that I’d get sick and I told myself that I knew better, that I’d be able to handle it and not get sick – and even if I got sick it wouldn’t be that bad but I was sure I wouldn’t.

Well I did, and I still am, yes, two and a half months later. I thought it was a good lesson in trusting others. There is always someone who knows more than I do in whatever I’m doing and I can either learn the hard way or trust them and get further, faster.

In business I can try each new idea, they all seem like good ideas, or I can follow what my leader and example said to do.

In life I can try to find my own way or I can follow what my leaders, parents and spouse suggest.