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I just got a call from “Windows IT Department at Microsoft” (riiiiight… haha)

Anyway, I had a minute and decided to play along.  They had me pull up “Run” and go to “INF”  and look at the files in that folder, told me how none of those files were created by me and they needed to help me delete them. 

They then asked me to type the url www.mmyy.com/aa_v3.e into my “Run” box and I decided to stop playing at that point and ended the call.   I’m not sure what it would have done but I know better than to think it would be OK. 

Any comments?  I didn’t go to that url but I did search it in google,

I did see this blog post about it, maybe I heard wrong and it was ammyy.com instead of mmyy.com 

Anyway, just thought it was funny and interesting, I wonder how many people that get with that?