Utah Treasure Hunt

Welcome to Utah Treasure Hunt!

I’ll be putting together treasure hunts that will lead to prizes of varying sizes and values. There will be easy and hard hunts, a variety of clues to make you think, search, learn and have fun.

The story:
Back in 2012 Duncan Lillico hosted a treasure hunt for $5,000 and several mini hunts. I had such a great time and talked with him many times about doing my own but never took the time to actually do it until now. I don’t have the money to offer $5k right now but I plan to make the hunts and prizes bigger and better as time goes on. I’m hoping to do one or more every month and I’m sure they’ll evolve and improve as well go.

Clues will be posted on the page for that specific hunt, see the list of hunts below:

Joining my email list will also get you early or extra clues sometimes.

There is no cost to participate, I only ask that if you do – you share it with others so we can get as many people as possible participating.

If you participate please remember that this is all an effort to get out and have fun, some will be challenging because that can add fun for some people but you’ll never need to destroy something or trespass or do something illegal.

Even though I’ve participated in and run many scavenger hunts and treasure hunts over the years I’m still making this up as I go – I’ll learn and change things to make the experience better and hopefully even get some local restaurants and businesses to sponsor some hunts.

Be kind and respectful and have fun, you’ll probably end up in some interesting places and learn some things along the way. The containers will never be in a place where you have to take apart or mess with something that might damage someone’s property.

How it works:
The goal is to use the clues listed below to find the location and once there, get the code word and send it to me. The first to do that wins this hunt. The code word will be something that was already there – not anything I put there and not anywhere where you’ll have to take apart or open or move or damage anything.

The locations will be anywhere in Utah – I plan to do all different areas of Utah over time so many people can participate.