Garden Bros. Circus

The Garden Bros. Circus came to town so we had to check it out. Here’s a little of what we saw.


Playing Chicken in Tractors – Footloose Filming Location

Playing Chicken in Tractors – Footloose Filming Location

Ren is trying not to chicken out in this scene in the movie Footloose (1984).

As the boys drive toward one another on tractors trying to show who’s the bigger man they are driving along the canal road in Payson, Utah above Goosenest Drive.

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Cyrus Dallin

I come across the work of Cyrus Edwin Dallin so much in my exploration of Utah I wanted to create this page to catalog it.

Massasoit Sculptures

  • Massasoit at BYU
  • Massasoit at the Utah State Capital
  • Massasoit at Mills Creek Park in Kansas City
  • Massasoit at the Springville Museum of Art

Victory Memorial

  • Springville Museum of Art
  • Springville City Building


  • Springville Museum of Art

The Last Council and “Passing of the Redman”

  • Springville Museum of Art

Other work by Cyrus E. Dallin

Other mentions of him in my travels