Enterprise Churches

Some of the history of the chapels in Enterprise, Utah

The Enterprise First Meetinghouse was built in 1898 and is now the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum.

The Enterprise Second Meetinghouse was built in 1913 and served as both the church and school.

The Enterprise Third Meetinghouse was built in 1957.


Original 19 Wards in Salt Lake City

The Salt Lake Stake in Salt Lake City Utah started out with the original 19 wards in 1849. The city was split up into wards usually 3 blocks square.

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The California Trail

The California Trail had its beginnings at several points along the Missouri River, and included several variant routes across the Great Basin and over the Sierra Nevada mountains into California. With the completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869, most travelers made the journey by rail.

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Book Burning – Footloose Filming Location

Book Burning – Footloose Filming Location

Reverend Moore stops the burning of the books in the movie Footloose (1984).

Reverend Moore runs into the square where they’re burning books to not let them influence the children and stops it. Enough people have said that this was filmed at Springville High School so I went with that, but Springville High and Payson High are identically built and the rest of the High School scenes were filmed at Payson High so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was in Payson. Either way, they look the same and are only 20 minutes away from each other so close enough I’d say.

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Theaters in Utah

This page is a place to keep track of the theaters I document in Utah.

Movie Theaters

Drive In Theaters

  • Basin Drive In (Mt Pleasant)
  • Coleman’s Motor Vu Drive-In (Riverdale)
  • Echo Drive-In (Roosevelt)
  • Motor Vu Drive-In (Tooele)
  • Redwood Drive In (West Valley)
  • Shooting Star RV Resort (Escalante)

Other Theaters