Adobe Rock


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Adobe Rock

On July 27, 1847, three horsemen from the scouting party sent out by Brigham Young, obtained an excellent view of the surrounding valley, from the top of this rock. In 1849, Captain Howard Stansbury of the United States Topographical Engineers built a small adobe house by this rock, for his herders, hence the name “Adobe Rock”. The near by highway follows the same route as the old pioneer trail used by explorers, trappers, emigrants and gold seekers.

A spring near by made this a favorite camp site.

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Jedediah Smith’s Trail – Great Salt Lake


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Jedediah Smith’s Trail – Great Salt Lake

“Coming to the point of the ridge [Timpie Point] … I saw an expanse of water Extending far to the North and East. … The Salt Lake a joyful sight was spread before us. … I had traveled so much in the vicinity of the Salt Lake that it had become my home of the wilderness.  After coming in view of the lake I traveled East [and] found a spring of fresh water and encamped.”

Jedediah Smith, June 27, 1827

Also located at this Interstate 80 pull-off are D.U.P. Marker #115 and D.U.P. Marker #118. 

Here is the list of “Salt Lake to Southern California Road” markers I have come across.

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Pleasant Grove Town Hall


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Pleasant Grove Town Hall

The Pleasant Grove Town Hall, built in 1887, replaced the city’s first town hall, which was a one-room log building. It was used as town hall building until 1940, when a third town hall building was built in the city. The Pleasant Grove Town Hall building was then used as a lunchroom for Pleasant Grove High School until 1949. Since that time, it has been used as the home of the Pleasant Grove First Baptist Church and the Pleasant Grove Public Library. Today it is home to Bliss Photo Studio and Boutique.It was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1985.

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Location: 107 S. 100 East, Pleasant Grove

Ivanhoe Apartments


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Ivanhoe Apartments

The Ivanhoe apartment building, constructed in 1908 by the Finch, Rogers, and Mulvey investment firm for the cost of approximately $50,000, is one of many downtown area apartments built in Salt Lake City during the first three decades of the twentieth century, representing a period of unprecedented expansion, growth, and urbanization.

The 1908 Ivanhoe 19-unit apartment building boasted the newest flooring, tiling, lighting, and heating of the time.  Its exterior was constructed of light buff-pressed bricks with white sandstone trimming.  The Neo-Classical and Colonial Revival style featured stamped metal cornices with block modillions, brackets, classical porticoes at the entrances, bay windows, and horizontal brick banding on the first floor.  The primary feature of the building was a handsome court between the two wings of the building which opened onto the street.

The building was designed by local architect Bernard O. Mecklenburg, who worked on many prominent commercial, religous, and residential structures throughout Utah during the early 1900s, including the Broadway Hotel, Bank of Vernal (also known as “the Bank that was sent by Mail”), Maryland (Mecklenburg) Apartments, and Cathedral of the Madeleine (in collaboration with Carl M. Neuhausen).

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