Madame Tussauds Las Vegas


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Madame Tussauds Las Vegas is a wax museum located in the Las Vegas Strip at The Venetian Las Vegas casino. The attraction opened in 1999, becoming the first Madame Tussauds venue to open in the United States. It features over 100 wax figures of famous celebrities, film and TV characters, athletes, musicians and Marvel superheroes, as well a 4D movie theatre. Subsequent Madame Tussauds venues opened in the U.S in New York City in 2000, Washington D.C. in 2007, and Hollywood, California in 2009.

Utah Lake


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Utah Lake Posts:

Utah Lake is a shallow freshwater lake in the U.S. state of Utah. It lies in Utah Valley, surrounded by the Provo-Orem metropolitan area. The lake’s only river outlet, the Jordan River, is a tributary of the Great Salt Lake. Evaporation accounts for 42% of the outflow of the lake, which leaves the lake slightly saline. The elevation of the lake is legally at 4,489 feet above sea level. If the lake elevation goes any higher, the pumps and gates on the Jordan River are left open.(From Wikipedia)

Indian Blanket and Sheep Shelter


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The Indian Blanket pictograph is 16 feet wide and 4 feet high.

The legend says that many years ago a group of Paiute Indians passed through Clear Creek Canyon on the way to their winter camping area. While they were in the canyon, a recently born baby of a young woman died and was buried near here. During the winter, the mother was troubled by the thought of her baby being alone in the cold. The following spring she returned to the burial site. Nearby, she painted a blanket on a rock face so the baby could use the blanket to keep warm during cold winters at this lonely place.




Sheep Shelter

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America’s Mountain Man


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Jedediah Strong Smith

“Diah”, as his friends called him, stood 6’1″. He was a religious man and abstained from drinking, smoking or swearing. Unlike many mountain men, he was literate and carried a Bible and kept a journal. Smith is credited with blazing the western half of the Old Spanish Trail, a 1,230 mile trade route between Santa Fe and California.

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Pioneering Utah


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Joseph Lott and his family built a cabin on this site in the 1880s and were among the first pioneers to settle in Clear Creek Canyon.

Their 160 acre homestead extended through the canyon bottom and included orchards and pastures.

Joe, his wife Merua, and their six children loved here for nearly thirty hears.  The Lott cabin stood until the 1970s.

This pioneer cabin is typical of those built by Utah settlers in the mid-nineteenth century.  It is not known who originally built this cabin, but Bernard Barnson, his wife Hannah, and several of their children lived in the two-room structure from 1903 to 195 in Junction, Utah.   In 1996, the descendants of Bernard and Hannah Barnson donated this cabin to Fremont Indian State Park.

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Camp Alma Relic Hall


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During the winter of 1866-1867, William Cordingly built a small log cabin in the settlement of Alma, and by early spring the house was ready for his family. Indian troubles forced some of the original settlers to abandon their homes and leave this community. In 1871, when they returned, the name of the town was changed to Monroe.

One of the first families to occupy the cabin was that of Neila Mickelson. The Soren and Kristine Madsen family soon followed. Sunday School and choir practice were held here as well as many public functions.

In 1931, Camp Alma, Daughters of Utah Pioneers, decided to procure the Cordingly cabin for a relic hall. Dwight Swindle, on whose lot the cabin stood, gave the cabin to Camp Alma. In 1937, the husbands of the members along with other townspeople helped jack up the cabin and move it to the northeast corner of the Monroe North Ward property.

The cabin had no roof, floor, windows or foundation. Renovation began. Industrious members sewed and wove twelve large balls of rags together for the rag carpet. They lined the walls, covered the ceiling with White Factory and painted the interior. Many relics were given to furnish the cabin, and on May 27, 1938, Camp Alma held its first meeting in the new Relic Hall. On July 23, 1950, the cabin was moved to its present site on Main Street.

DUP Marker #468 in Monroe, see other DUP Markers here.

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