I.O.O.F. Lodge 258


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I.O.O.F. Lodge 258 in Arroyo Grande, California.

Arroyo Grande Building 128 Bridge Street. Arroyo Grande, CA

An interesting granite building sits next to the historic bridge on Bridge Street in Arroyo Grande. The South County Historical Society acquired the property which was formerly the meeting place for the International Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF).

The hall is located at 128 Bridge Street and was built in 1902 on land donated by Mrs. Elston in 1898. The building was completed in six months at the cost of $5.500.00. A local contractor, Ben Stuart did the stone work with native sandstone which came from a quarry just south of Arroyo Grande.

The Hall was placed on the National Register of Historical Places in 1991.The South County Historical Society is raising money to have this historical building restored, with the first step being Earthquake retrofitting. The first floor of the Hall will house the Museum with a display of its large collection of historical artifacts from the South County area. The second floor houses a historical library, study area and Society and Museum offices.

The Historical Society owns and maintains four other buildings nearby. Heritage House, 126 S. Mason St.; Barn Museum, 127 Short St.; Maunela Schoolhouse, 127 Short St.; Paulding History House, 551 Crown Hill St. Call: (805) 473-5077. Estimated annual visitors are approx. 6,000 and admission is free. www.southcountyhistory.org. Ranked 6th among San Luis Obispo County museums for annual visitors, Hearst Castle experiences an estimated 676,000 annual guests.

The estimated project cost: Over $100,000

Eight years before Arroyo Grande was incorporated the IOOF building was dedicated on Jan. 10, 1903.

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Hart-Collett Firefighters Memorial Park


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Located in Arroyo Grande, California. Hart-Collett Firefighters Memorial Park commemorates the City of Arroyo Grande being served by its Volunteer Fire Department since 1892.  Men and women have given of their time and energy, placed themselves in harm’s way, and responded to the “bell” at all hours of the day and night.

Fire suppression, fire prevention, community education, medical air, rescue and extrication, hazardous materials recovery, and assisting neighboring communities are some of their many contributions.

This park is dedicated in honor and memory of all Arroyo Grande Volunteer Firefighters, past, present, and future.

Chief Harry Hart, 1911-1959, Served for 30 years as Firefighter and Chief

Chief Bob Collett, 1939-1993, Served for 30 years as Firefighter, Engineer, Captain and Assistant Chief

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Orion Griffiths

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Orion Griffiths was performing when we were at Fisherman’s Wharf and what a show he put on.  Everyone was laughing and loving it and he was not only amazing us, making us laugh but also inspiring us.   In the middle of balancing in ways that don’t even seen possible he was having kids help him and had one take a bow for the crowd, he told him after “You just stood in front a hundred people and you smiled, you are very brave. Never let anyone tell you different.”

The show was great and I hope we see him again sometime.

Instagram: orion_griffiths


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Delle, Utah

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Delle, Utah

The town has never had more than a few residents and has served primarily as a filling station along the I-80 corridor (and U.S. Route 40 corridor before it). Since the completion of the freeway, the town has essentially become a ghost town.

Delle was established in 1880 as a railroad village along the Western Pacific line, primarily as a water depot for steam engines in preparation for the trek across the famous salt flats. It was originally named Dalles Spring, from a French word referring to water, but railroad personnel later shortened the name for telegraphic efficiency. It possessed a water tower, a reservoir, and numerous homes where railroad employees and their families resided from at least 1920 until 1940. The inhabitants were primarily Irish, Scot and Greek immigrants. Water was obtained from springs located as far as 12 miles away in nearby mountains (Delle Ranch located along the east bench of Skull Valley being the primary) and piped to the site. After diesel powered engines were introduced, Delle continued as a site station for railroad employees in charge of track upkeep between Wendover, Utah and Salt Lake City. As of the 1950 United States Census, the population was 174.[*]

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First Camp After Discovery of San Francisco Bay


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First Camp After Discovery of San Francisco Bay

On November 4, 1769, the expedition of Captain Gaspar de Portola, after crossing Sweeny Ridge, beheld the Bay of San Francisco for the first time. That night they camped at a small lagoon, now covered by San Andreas Lake. Finding the bay too large to go around and thinking they had by-passed Monterey Bay, the expedition camped here again on November 12, 1769 on their return to San Diego.

First made a State Registered Historical Landmark No.27, June 15, 1932, this site was rededicated as a U.S.A. Bicentennial Project of San Andreas Lake Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution and the City of Millbrae, California on November 6, 1976

Location granted by the State of California

Monument Base of Serpentine Rock, Official State Rock of California, Furnished by the San Francisco Water Department.

Mrs. Alfred P. Hall (Ethel Leota Bernritter) Organizing member of San Andreas Lake Chapter NSDAR, of Millbrae, California, after nearly 10 years of research, was successful in restoring and rededicating California Registered Historic Landmark No.27 N. Vannucci, W. Monlux, N. Campagna, O. Baswell, P. Perry