External and Referral Links

I use many products and services that come with referral links, if you use the links to join/order there’s some sort of benefit to you or to both of us.

I thought a consolidated place to keep track of them would be helpful – any of these can be joined on your own or with other’s referral codes/links but if you felt like helping me out the option is here. Thank you.

Anything on this page I have used and know that is works, is safe, and actually does what they claim.

Nourish the Children

Useful products and Services:

Money Related:

  • Achievement (earning money just for walking)
  • Coinbase (a place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency)
  • DOSH (cash back for using your cards you already have)
  • Robinhood (free stock trading app, free stock when you join)
  • Webull (free stock trading app, free stock when you join)
  • Yotta (Savings account with a “lottery” type reward) Code: JACOB145