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A little about me, My name is Jacob Barlow and I grew up in Mapleton, Utah.    I LOVE to travel and explore and learn local history and post pictures and stories from my adventures, I love sharing what I find and hope you find some value in it. Any time I find aside from work (real estate agent and custom wood door sales) I am out there getting pictures and video of something to preserve the memory of it.

I have goals that keep me entertained like trying to visit each place in Utah, each county in the U.S., trying to photograph each D.U.P. historic marker, each Carnegie Library in Utah, feeding children a million meals and many more.

My website has gone from mostly historic markers to including much more – historic homes, historic buildings, even non-historic homes and buildings because I started to see how often things get demolished and I thought it would be nice to be able to look back at what a certain place looked like years ago.

I receive many requests for permission to use a photo from this website. If you would like to use one, please contact me for specific permission or a better copy of the photo.

Requests for what other people would like to see documented are welcome, since I travel a lot I am happy to add things and places to my to-do list I can’t promise how soon I’ll get to it but I document something every day. Utah locations will be a little quicker since I live here but I get out to other states fairly often as well.

Follow along with my exploring and wandering in these vlog videos here: Wandering and Exploring Vlogs

I can be easily reached on most social media platforms and don’t forget to check out some of the fun sections of this site while you’re here:


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12 thoughts on “About JacobBarlow.com”

  1. Diane Cordner Limberg said:

    I would love to get copies of your houses, since they are my ancestors houses. You have done alot of research to get it so accurate How can I get copies of all of y our research Thanks.. Diane Cordner Limberg

    • Thanks! I appreciate you taking a look. I’d be happy to send you what you need. My contact info is above.

    • Hello Jacob, We are searching for any historical information on Wanship UT and the Blue Sky area in particular. Do you know where i could find any archive photos for Coalville and the settlements in Wanship so we can populate the Lobby “time capsule” area with historical books and pictures and artifacts relevant to the Summit County area with particular focus on the Wanship, Coalville, Hoytsville area? Thank you!

  2. Patricia Cullimore Newell said:

    Hello, Jacob ~
    Thank you for your research. I wanted to give you a little correction on the home you indicated was owned by William J. & Lizzie Cullimore. That home, in fact, was built by their son, Luke Charles Cullimore, (my grandfather). William J. & Lizzie lived at the bottom of the Lindon Hill, believe it was Gillmore St. The mercantile (Cullimore Mercantile) was owned by William J.’s brother, Alfred J. Cullimore. Thank you again for your valuable research.

  3. Mike Green said:

    Hi Jacob, I was randomly looking on the internet and saw your picture of Dolly’s house (FT Alma marker) in your blog. My family lived there around 1975, it brought back many memories. I am glad to see the closeup pic of the monument, I forgot what it said. Thanks!

  4. SUSAN L DEIS said:

    Jacob,we are putting together a geneology book for my Mom’s 90th birthday. Evans Piersol was her Great Grandfather. Would you be willing to let me download a photo of the house?

    • Jacob Barlow said:

      Yes of course you can, let me know if I can do anything else too. I’d be happy to go get different pictures. I work about 5 minutes away from there.

  5. Ron shelby said:

    Hello Jacob. Just found your page love it! Two filming locations missing from your list a midnight clear (Ethan hawke, Gary sinise, peter berg etc) and parallel lives Dudley Moore, Liza minelli, jack klugman and many more) I worked on these films. May have some photos. Email me and I can provide more info.

    • Jacob Barlow said:

      Thanks! I’ll add them to my list and see what I can find with the locations. That would be cool to see what you have, I don’t have your email but mine is on this page. Thanks!

  6. Dorothy Harris said:

    Very interesting reading and learning more about Utah

  7. Just wanted to let you know that the movie The Wild Stallion (2009) with Miranda Cosgrove was made right here in Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding area

  8. Would love to have this bio sent to me at Box 106 Evanston, Wyoming 82931 for a story in the ISDUP Legacy. I couldn’t print it off. Thank you Denice Wheeler

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