About JacobBarlow.com

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A little about me, My name is Jacob Barlow and I grew up in Mapleton, Utah.    I LOVE to travel and explore and learn local history and post pictures and stories from my adventures, I love learning and sharing historic facts I come across!

I live in Utah County and have an amazing daughter who loves to explore with me.

My main hobbies are GPS games like Geocaching, ingress and Pokemon GO that get me out exploring.  I love them because to play I have to go places that I’d have no reason to go otherwise and I end up seeing and learning a ton.

I have goals that keep me entertained like trying to visit each place in Utah, each county in the U.S., and trying to photograph each D.U.P. historic marker.

Please feel welcome to follow me as I post what I experience in life.

– Jacob Barlow

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3 thoughts on “About JacobBarlow.com”

  1. Diane Cordner Limberg said:

    I would love to get copies of your houses, since they are my ancestors houses. You have done alot of research to get it so accurate How can I get copies of all of y our research Thanks.. Diane Cordner Limberg

    • Thanks! I appreciate you taking a look. I’d be happy to send you what you need. My contact info is above.

    • Hello Jacob, We are searching for any historical information on Wanship UT and the Blue Sky area in particular. Do you know where i could find any archive photos for Coalville and the settlements in Wanship so we can populate the Lobby “time capsule” area with historical books and pictures and artifacts relevant to the Summit County area with particular focus on the Wanship, Coalville, Hoytsville area? Thank you!

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