A Million Meals

On July 27, 2023 I decided to create a huge goal and feed hungry children 1,000,000 meals. It sounds so big… but it sounds so amazing! I have always loved service and helping others and have looked for opportunities like this, so when I found out about Nourish the Children (more info here) and how I could feed a child a meal for a dollar it made so much sense and not only did I want to use that as a way to serve but I wanted to share with others so that they can join in.

Is it too big? No. I will do it, I’m committed to it and the more I can share this idea the more help I’ll get. I’ll share it with people I know, people I meet, I’ll knock on doors and find ways to promote it. I’m excited to have another thing to be passionate about.

How many have I done so far?

200 of 1,000,000

How can you help with the million meals?

Either visit this site and donate some, you can do either 10, 30 or 151 meals. Or if you want to do just a dollar or two and can’t do the 10 meals, you can just get me the money and I’ll buy them. My Venmo is @BarlowJacob or my contact info is on this page and I’ll make it work however works best for you.