Hansen-Sparks Home

The historic Hansen-Sparks Home at 75 W 100 North in Ephraim, Utah.

Hansen-Sparks Home Built by Hans Hansen, 1862 Registered by Mrs. Gladys Sparks June 3, 1971 Construction notes Original oolite limestone covered with stucco.

Also called in some documents the Hans ‘Rich’ Hansen House.

This home was built in 1862. The Hansen home was the only one with a painted door, green from a small can of paint that he brought with him from Denmark; hence the name “Rich” due to the painted door. The creek by the house was used for baptisms year around. In the winter it was dammed and allowed to back up to form a pond. The ice was then broken to perform baptisms. Andrew Jenson’s Church Chronology refers to Brigham Young, his counselors and others being re-baptized at Ephraim in 1874. (Since the “United Order” was established in that year, this baptism was in connection with it). The large willow tree is also a remnant of pioneer times. This home has been added to the Historical Register.(*)

This historic pioneer home is located in Pioneer Park in Ephraim, Utah

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Fort Ephraim Camp Museum

In recent years the Fort Ephraim Camp of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers have been renovating the home and have made a museum out of it. The following photos are from my visit to the museum in 2021.