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Those stained glass windows were originally in the old “White Main Street Church” aka “2nd Ward Chapel” that was found on 451 S. Main Street just south of 400 South in Springville.

Built in 1904, the building was scheduled to be demolished in the 1990s, but was saved due to its unique architecture. It was remodeled in 1998 at the cost of 1.5 million dollars and was rededicated by LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley. However, in July of 2006, a fire broke out in the building (arson was determined to be the cause) and the damage was deemed irreversible.

However, before it was demolished, some of the stained glass windows were removed and placed inside this chapel when it was built.

This is the Dry Creek Stake Center in Springville, Utah.

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Below are some old photos, not mine, one of the chapel when vandalized and one from about 1900.