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Jesse W Prothero House

This Art Moderne home, one of the few in Provo and even in the state of Utah, was built in 1940. It is without a doubt the most handsome and sophisticated of its type in Provo. This one and a half story house has the cubic, irregular massing, flat roofs, and unadorned concrete surfaces characteristic of the Art Moderne style.

The top story is recessed back from the first story and a window and door lead out onto the flat roof. Handsome concrete chimneys frame this block. On the first story, a central entrance with rounded edges projects outward and has a recessed doorway. Distinguishing this house are the large corner casement windows

The original owner, Jesse W Prothero, was born in Provo in 1882. He worked for the Provo Woolen Mills for eight years and later ran his own concrete company from the home. He married Lillie May Harrison in 1906. Their son, J. Walter Prothero was a subsequent owner of the house.

J. Walter Prothero served in Provo City government for twenty-six years in the water department and as City treasurer and as purchasing agent. He was born in 1908. He married Merlyn Hall in 1936 and they had two children. He died in 1963 and his widow continued to live in the house until 1978.

Located at 330 South 400 West in Provo, Utah

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