Now located in Moyle Park in Alpine.

The Moyle House and Indian Tower are significant examples of vernacular architecture from Alpine’s early settlement period. The Indian Tower is unique as the only structure of its type known to have been built to protect a single homestead in Utah. The tower was constructed c. 1860-66 to watch for and provide defense against American Indians during the Black Hawk War of 1865-68. Built of local river rock by owner and stone mason John Rowe Moyle, the tower is utilitarian in design, as were the original dugout house and the good cellar which were build c. 1858.

In 1859-60 Moyle build a small stone house over the original dugout house. In 1917 Joseph Edward Moyle. the youngest son of John and Philippa Moyle, built a large addition on the south side of the house and expanded the attic, using the then-popular Bungalow/Arts and Crafts style. In recent years, the tower has been substantially rebuilt following historical photographs. The house and food cellar, the only other original features on the site, are also being carefully restored.

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