Butlerville is a used-to-be-town located in what is now Cottonwood Heights, Utah.

Government came to Butlerville on December 15, 1877, when Butler Precinct No. 65 was created by the Salt Lake County Court. Officers appointed until the next election were Leander Butler as Justice of the Peace and William McGhie, Jr. as Constable and Road Supervisor for District No. 28.

Nathan H. Staker opened the first grocery store in 1894 on top of the hill. Nettie (Ritter) Newcomer operated a bakery out of her home in the early 1900s.

Electricity came to Butlerville in 1918 through the efforts of Asa R. Bowthorpe, William C. Wootton, and Edwin Jones. Fruit farming became an important industry in Butlerville. Mr. Kasuga is remembered for developing a new strain of strawberries.

Some of the best fox and mink furs were raised in Butlerville. Alma Farnsworth started the first fox farm in 1929 at 7600 South and 2700 East. Mink farming began when the Erekson Fur Farms moved their operation to the community in 1931.

The first use of the Cottonwood Heights name occurred in 1937 when J.D. Fife, Sr., a Butlerville resident, so named his proposed subdivision. The name was officially adopted in 1953 by the newly organized Cottonwood Heights Community Council.

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