Enterprise Pioneer Memorial Park in Enterprise, Utah

Centennial Project 1886-1996

In Memory of all the pioneers who settled this community. This park and monument are projections of community love. We hope that all who come here will gain an appreciation of their Heritage. A feeling of respect and reverence should prevail. Please keep the park clean and enjoy your visit.

Orson W. Huntsman founder Enterprise; born 31 Mar 1849, died 16 Nov 1931, married Mary Ann Terry 29 Dec 1867.

Thanks to his vision and unending determination; the dream of a reservoir and city, now called Enterprise, became a reality: the following dates and accounts are from his personal journal.

6 May 1892 First shared his idea out loud about reservoir to Perry Winsor and George M. Burgess, “I commenced preaching of the Hebron reservoir public and private whenever I got a chance.”

19 June 1892 “…I stood in the wash on the sand and dedicated the ground for the great dam and the reservoir site to the Lord and prayed for His assistance in accomplishing this great work…”

25 Jul 1892 (Survey the town) .. “Isaac (Macfarland) and I found the southeast corner, section…”

29 July 1892 “. . surveying the town mostly done…three hundred and twenty acres of land surveyed in which we laid off fifteen blocks, with four lots in each block, making sixty lots..”

12 Jun 1893 “. . much disheartened and discouraged insomuch so that give up my reservoir scheme to never undertake it anymore.”

3 Aug 1893 “ .. I still have the Hebron Reservoir on my back to carry, I have thrown it off time and time again but before I know it, it is on my back again and I am determined to make it go, but it is very heavy to carry.”

3 Sept 1893 “I preach reservoir wherever I go. .”

12 Sept 1893 meeting to choose name for reservoir company. “.. It was finally decided to call it after the new town which is located, or surveyed, at the mouth of Shole (Shoal) Creek, which name I gave in the account of the great enterprise that was about to be undertaken by such a very few poor people, to build a dam like it in a dry wash to store water to water hundreds of acres of land on a dry desert twelve miles away.”

20 Sept 1893 “Articles of incorporation approved for the Enterprise Reservoir and Canal Co.”

11 Oct 1893 Thomas Judd, Isaac C. Macfarlane, Orson W. Huntsman file papers in St. George at courthouse for Canal Co.

23 Oct 1893 “They commence scraping the sand away for the foundation of the dam.”

26 Oct 1893 “The day that the first rock was laid for the foundation of the mason work.”

29 July 1895 “…about 20 of us met at the newly laid out town site to select our lots.”

Jan 1896 “…We hope the year 1896 will bring something good to us. Let us all stick and hang, we will win by and by.”

Sat Oct 30, 1909 (16 years from beginning of reservoir) “…one and all, gathered on and around the reservoir dam to see the last, the cap stone, put on the dam, laid on the top of an 84 foot wall which is 20 feet thick at the bottom and 8 feet at the top. This cap stone is a large flat rock about 10 inches thick…Brother Ivins (Apostle A. W. Ivins) presided over this meeting, and he and Brother Smith (Apostle Hyrum M. Smith) Bishop G. A. Holt, Chris Ammon (the mason), and myself were the speakers… This good time will long be remembered, and we are so glad the dam is as near finished as it is.
The dam and the reservoir were dedicated at this meeting by Hyrum M, Smith.”

16 Nov 1909 “..Just a few days more to finish.”

22 Nov 1909 “Emery, Lamond and I go to the reservoir in a snow storm to bring our camp outfit home as work is done.”