Wood for Pine Valley Chapel and Salt Lake Tabernacle Organ

Sons of Utah Pioneers Historic Marker #123 in Pine Valley, Utah outside the Pine Valley Church.

Logs from the deep gorge west of here were harvested in 1867 and hauled to this site by ox team for construction of the Pine Valley Chapel. Thought to be designed and built like an upside down ship by Ebenezer Bryce, this chapel was dedicated in 1868. It is one of the longest continuously operated chapels in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Wood for the Salt Lake Tabernacle organ pipes was taken from large yellow pine trees here in Pine Valley, selected by Robert Gardner Jr., in 1866. One was harvested 2.6 miles east of here between the left and middle forks of Santa Clara Creek. Others were taken from the mouth of Forsyth Canyon. They were cut into 30 foot lengths, sawed into lumber at sawmills in Pine Valley and hauled by wagon to Salt Lake City, where they were fashioned into organ pipes as prescribed by Joseph Ridges, the organ builder.

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