The Old Wallsburg Church Bell

This historic bell was placed in the bell tower of the first Wallsburg church in 1877 by early Mormon pioneers. The bell would toll reminding people of church meetings, school and special events. During emergencies its tolling brought instant help. On the day of a funeral the bell would toll the age of the person who had died.

Wallsburg was built by the faith and determination of sturdy pioneers including William Madison Wall, who was the first presiding Elder in Round Valley as Wallsburg was then called. In 1858 Brigham Young put William Wall in charge of construction of a wagon road through Provo Canyon to the Heber Valley. He was one of the first group of settlers to move into the Heber Valley, and in 1860 he moved his family to Round Valley.

William Madison Wall lived a great life as a church and community leader, pioneer, soldier, peace officer, missionary, bishop, legislator, Indian peacemaker, settler, construction engineer and lawyer. After his death the town of Round Valley changed its name to Wallsburg in his honor.