This is where they filmed the scene with Burt Munro (Anthony Hopkins) in a taxi looking out at Hollywood, CA in the movie The World’s Fastest Indian (2005).

These scenes were filmed on State Street in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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First they go by an Arby’s, it’s dark and that could be any Arby’s but based on where they go after that I think it’s safe to assume it is the one at 3430 South State Street. Below you can see a screenshot from the movie and a photo I took in 2007, the sign is updated now and now the old classic sign.

They continue down the road with him looking out the window, amazed.

The next pass the huge vintage neon bowling pin that is a well known site at 2265 South State Street, the center section would rotate saying “classic” and “bowling,” the bowling alley has since been replaced with an apartment building but they kept and updated the sign, see more about the sign here. Below are both a screenshot from the movie and a photo I took in 2017.

Next they pull up to a stop light at the intersection of 1300 S and State Street, now going south even though they’re north of the other locations and in one clip you can see Coachman’s Diner and Pancake House:

And then at the same location they pan to the right and you can see Sonic and the Wayne’s Corner Sinclair station: