Treseder at Little Cottonwood

Calvin Harris Chandler was born in Boonville, N.Y. in 1844. At the age of 17 he enlisted in the 127th Regt III Infantry, under Gen. Sherman, in his ‘march to the sea.’ After the war he moved west to recover from Tuberculosis. He later settled in the Granite areas and worked in the quarry at Little Cottonwood Canyon.

In 1874 he married Elizabeth Mckay Treseder, a pioneer who came from the Isle of Jersey. They lived in the Granite area until moving to North Ogden. Calvin Chandler died in 1881 and Elizabeth Treseder died in 1936. Their son, Calvin Harris Chandler, is the grandfather to Bryson Garbett, the owner of the Garbett Homes and developer of Treseder at Little Cottonwood.