While exploring Utah many interesting names of places come up and sometimes I have to wonder where they came from.

On this page I will be adding those as I think of them over time, sorted by categories and alphabetically inside those.

Original Indian Names Still in Use:

  • Ibapah (Indian word is Avinpa, means creek with white clay banks)
  • Kanab (means willows)
  • Koosharem (pronounced by Indians koo-shar-omp. means edible roots)
  • Mukuntuweap (orginal name for what is now Zion National Park, means “place of the Gods.”)
  • Pahvant (means close to water)
  • Panguitch (means big fish)
  • Paragoonah (means muddy water)
  • Paria (means Elk)
  • Parowan (means mean water or evil water)
  • Parunuweap (Pa-run-o-weap, east of Mukuntuweap)
  • Timpanogos (Indian name was Pa-ak-ar-et Kaib which means very high mountain.)
  • Toquerville (Indians called it Toquer, their word for black because of the black rocks)
  • Utah (also Ute-ahs)
  • Wah-weap (little valleys)
  • Wasatch and Wasatch Mountains (pronounced by Indians Wah-sats. means fork)

Indian Names Given by Whites:

  • Kanarra
  • Kanosh
  • Navajo Lake
  • Piute

Names from the Bible:

  • Ephraim

Names from the Book of Mormon:

  • Moroni
  • Nephi

Names from the Emigrant’s Home Areas:

  • Wales