The David and Evinda Madsen House, constructed in 1900, is a two-story Italianate and Victorian Eclectic style brick residence. The building is locally significant for its association with the development if Ephraim and Sanpete County in the first half of the twentieth century. The David Madsen family played an important role in the development and transformation of Ephraim into a successful and prosperous agricultural and educational community. David Madsen was the son of one of the founders of Ephraim and was prominently involved in Ephraim’s economic development. He was one of the early importers of sheep into the area, a practice which transformed the Sanpete County economy. David also developed several large water sources which stabilized and greatly expanded Sanpete farming and ranching. The Madsen family owned the property until 1989.

Located at 65 N 100 W in Ephraim, Utah.