Hannah Turner Morgan

Born: March 12, 1814 at Hall Green, Sedgley Parish, Staffordshire, England
Died: June 3, 1883, Fairfield, Utah County, Utah, USA
Buried in the Fairfield Cemetery.

Hannah is the daughter of William Turner (engine fitter) and Hannah Smith. She married George David Morgan (engineer) about 1832. All of their children were born in the country of England. Their children (with birth dates) were:

  • Mary (Pinegree) – Aug. 19, 1833 – Buried in Ogden, Utah
  • Olive (Child-age 3) – June 30, 1835 – Buried in England
  • Olive (Hodge)- June 29, 1840 – Buried in Lehi, Utah
  • Jesse- Jan. 23, 1843 – Buried in Grouse Creek, Utah
  • David- Feb. 25, 1845 – Buried in Park City, Utah
  • Agatha (Carson)- Mar. 30, 1850 – Buried in Iona, Idaho
  • Amanda (Barlow, Tanner)- Apr. 27, 1852 – Buried in Grouse Creek, UT
  • Clara Eudora (Youth-age 9)- May 4, 1855 – Buried in Fairfield or SLC
  • Benjamin Llewellyn- Dec. 20, 1859 – Buried in Tooele, Utah

Hannah Joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints about 1851. She felt the spirit to save money, sacrifice her comfortable home in England, and move her family to Utah. She was a pioneer who sailed April 23, 1861, on the ocean vessel “Underwriter,” traveled from from New York to New Orleans by train during the Civil War, then by steamboat up the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. At Florence, Nebraska (Winter Quarters), she joined Captain Ira Eldridge’s ox team and arrived in Salt Lake City, September 15, 1861. Hannah lived in Fairfield, Utah from 1863-1883 (just after Johnson’s (Johnston’s) Army left). Her family helped to settle towns in Utah and Idaho. She has a wonderful posterity spinning out into this vast nation. She is our blessed, honored pioneer.