Located at 833 S 200 E in Salt Lake City, this Romanesque Revival style building was built in 1919-20 for the Congregation Shaary Zedek by John Emil Anderson.

Established in 1916 as Utah’s third Jewish congregation and consisting primarily of Russian- and eastern European- born Jews, the congregation was known for its spontaneous, feisty, and unordered atmosphere. Traditionally described as orthodox, the congregation was, more accurately, a splinter group from the Montefiore mother congregation. The shortest-lived of Utah’s Jewish congregations, it disbanded circa 1935.

Several years later, the synagogue was sold to Lt. Clarence E. Allen, Post 409 of Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States. From 1946 to present, the building has been the home of the first Veterans of Foreign Wars Post in Utah.

Update: it is now (2020) Dixon & Associates.