Located in Hidden Hollow in Sugar House, this historic marker says:

As you walk along the crest of the hill, north of Hidden Hollow you may find the stumps of two wooden telephone poles. These are all that remain of the grade that marked the route of the rail lines as it passed through this block. Built in 1890 by John Young, the Salt Lake and Eastern Railway line connected Salt Lake City with the rich silver mines in Park City. Railway tracks rain along the north bank of Parleys Creek, and for many years, the spur was used to load ice at Hygeia Ice Company and deliver lumber and coal to the yards by the old mill.

Later renamed the Utah Central Railway, it became popular as a passenger train carrying thousands of people up and down Parleys Canyon. Sugar House residents bought their tickets at the depot which stood on the northwest corner of this block. The old sugar mill served as an engine house for the railroad.

The tracks were ultimately removed in the 1940s. The railroad underpass that connected Hidden Hollow to Sugar House Park was filled in when 1300 East Street was remodeled in the 1960s. Later in 1967, Interstate 80 opened and eliminated railroad lines to Parleys Canyon altogether.