The Claus P. Andersen House in Ephraim is significant as an example of
Scandinavian vernacular architecture in Utah. The house contributes
historically to the thematic nomination, “The Scandinavian-American Pair House in Utah. “

Claus P. Andersen claims this city lot in 1869 and receives the Mayor’s Deed
in 1872. Andersen sells the lot in 1879 to Soren Nielsen for $400. The early
nature of the house’s design and construction, coupled with the value of the
property in 1879, seems to indicate that Andersen was the original owner and probably builder of the house. Not much can be discovered about Andersen’s life, but Soren Nielsen was born in Christiania, Norway, in 1840. Nielsen moved to Utah in 1853 and located in Ephraim in 1856. Nielsen was occupied as a fanner and had a freight business which carted fresh produce to the mining camps along the Utah-Nevada border.

Located at 202 S 200 E in Ephraim, Utah.