Crisp-Allred House

This large two-story hall-parlor stone house with Greek Revival influence was built (1881-1884) by James Crisp (1851-1904), a farmer and stock raiser from England. Crisp came to Utah in 1866 and arrived in Spring City the following year. After working at various occupations, he freighted produce to the mining camps on the Nevada-Utah border. Wealth followed, and in the early 1880s Crisp built this house. Dances were held on the second floor. In the early 1900s Crisp met an untimely death due to a farming accident. Orson and Lorena Sorenson Allred (1856-1934) purchased the house, built a rear addition and opened several rooms for boarding and thus operated what came to be known as the Allred Hotel for some 25 years. Recently Mark and Vickie Allen have been restoring the hotel and are now operating a Bed and Breakfast in the old hotel.*

Located at 59 North Main Street in Spring City, Utah.