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When “Butch” Cassidy, a.k.a. Robert LeRoy Parker committed his first bank robbery (in Telluride, CO.) his younger brother Daniel Sinclair Parker helped (slightly) with that robbery as Daniel was one of the men who helped out the robbery by holding fresh horses for the robbers for them to use in their escape.

Additionally on Dec. 29, 1889, Daniel Sinclair Parker, who was going by the alias of Tom Ricketts at that time held up a stagecoach at “Muddy Gap” near Rawlins, WY., along with a man who was going by the alias of William Brown. They were both caught and arrested in September of 1890 (Ricketts, a.k.a. Daniel S. Parker was arrested in Moab, UT., and William Brown was arrested in Johnson County, WY.).

Daniel S. Parker was held in the Territorial Prison on October 19, 1890 – to await trial. At that time he listed his parent’s names as “Maxi and Anna Parker of Circleville, Utah” and he also identified four of his brothers as “William, Ebb, Mark and Arthur”. Curiously he did not list Robert LeRoy Parker as one of his brothers. He also identified four of his sisters as “Jimcie, Nell, Blanche and Lula”.

Daniel S. Parker was held in lieu of $3,000 bail according to the Bertillion record. His co-robber was not so easily identified. He went by a number of names including William Brown, Frank Rogers, John Day, Doc Lutz, Jim Moore and others. They both went to trial at the U.S. District Court in Cheyenne, WY., on April 7, 1891 and on April 18, 1891 they were both found guilty by Judge John A. Riner and they were sentenced to the Detroit House of Correction “for the term of their natural lives, at hard labor.”

They were both delivered to Warden Joseph Nicholson at Detroit on April 30, 1891. Daniel Sinclair Parker remained there at the Detroit House of Correction until 1894 when the Wyoming Governor, in response to the Parker family’s persistent pleadings, pardoned him. He was never again convicted of a felony after his release.

Brother of Robert LeRoy Parker, AKA Butch Cassidy.

Named after his uncle, Daniel Sinclair Gillies.

Located in the Parowan Utah Cemetery.