Utah Treasure Hunt is a fun thing I’ve been putting on where I give out a prize every month to the first person who can find what I hid based on the clues I give. (see more here: https://jacobbarlow.com/treasure/ )

Crowdfunding is funding a project by gathering a small amount of money from a large number of people, I thought a fun option would be to combine the two ideas and potentially have very large prized for people to be going after. For example if we had a thousand people put in a dollar we could have a $1,000 prize.

I will still do my normal hunts, funded by me. But I had the crowdfunding idea suggested enough I think it’s worth a try.

https://www.patreon.com/barlow is set up so that you can contribute, if you don’t like patreon venmo works too but patreon is nice and public and easy to see how the progress is going.

I’ll wait until at least $100 has been collected so the prize isn’t too small to be worth the hunt and I’m open to ideas on how to make it the most fun. I’m thinking letting it grow until it is found but I could cut it off every month and have more smaller prizes to find.