Formerly the site of the 16th Ward Chapel (see the first 19 wards chapels here) at 129 N 600 W in Salt Lake City, now the Spence Eccles Boys and Girls Club at 141 N 600 W.

The south wing of the 16th Ward Meetinghouse was built on the site of an earlier chapel destroyed by fire at 129 North 600 West. The new chapel, constructed between 1929 and 1930, is based on a standard meetinghouse design nicknamed the “Colonel’s Twins” because of the two projecting wings, one for the chapel and one for the amusement hall. The 16th Ward building is a brick structure and incorporates Colonial Revival motifs such as keystone, round arches, and cornice returns. This building, used for many years as a Catholic community center, and currently a residence, is in excellent condition.*