38 West Center Street in Springville, Utah

Some history posted on facebook by Susanne Ruff Loris:

Some very interesting and nostalgic posts. Such an interesting building, also. It was built in the late 1940’s by my Grandfather William E. Ruff and my Dad William G. Ruff and the the sign read W.E.Ruff and Son Garage. Before coming to Springville they worked in Carbon County in the coal mining industry as blacksmiths/mechanics. Horses and machinery were commonly used in this industry in the early to mid 1900’s. An engineer from Springville (W.W.Clyde) was hired to survey some Carbon County Mines. He hired the Ruffs to assist in this project, then recruited them to work in his developing construction company. Thus the move of the Ruffs to Springville. They had a small shop on South Main near the Jefferson School before construction of the existing building. This building was a very unique building for the day. It had a full basement, with a fully operational blacksmith’s forge in one large room and a body shop with car seat upholstery equipment. A down-hill driveway facilitated fairly easy access to the lower level shops. Welding equipment was also part of the set-up, including at least 2 arc welders on a pickup or trailer. The wrecker seen in the front in the first picture was acquired in 1963 after the old 1938 Chevy wrecker was wiped off the icy road near the top of Spanish Fork Canyon by a sliding Semi…by the way, no one hurt in the incident. The shop was sold to Frank Memory around 1975. I have many photos and history to tell…I guess I should write it all down sometime.