This vacant home exhibits Victorian motifs on a basically vernacular form. The main gable displays decorative bargeboard, with final and drop at the gable apex. A three sided bay with hipped roof is located here also, as is a window with fine Classical vernacular detail. The front porch has been enclosed. In the south is a hipped roof porch. An extension is located on the north side.

This house was built about 1872 by Swen J. Jonasson. Jonasson acquired title in co 1872, confirmed by a Mayor’s Deed in 1873. He mortgaged the property in 1872 to x a total of $1500, apparently to construct the house, and is listed by the directory of 1874 as in residence the previous year.

Jonasson was an attorney and notary public, an original stockholder of the Utah Southern Railway incorporated in 1871. He and his wife Maria Dorothia Juliana Heppner were handcart pioneers and Jonasson was a federal judge during the territorial period when the capital was at Fillmore. They had at least two children, Edith Elisa, born 1876, and Catherine born 1871.

The house was sold in 1877 to Gustave & Clara Johnson. Gustave Johnson worked for ZCMI, Walker Brothers, and Jennings Store. He also organized mercantile institutions in many Salt Lake suburbs. He was trained in horticulture in Sweden, and used his training to beautify his community and his home. The home has been vacant for many years and is in need of extensive repairs.

Located at 390 Center Street in the Capitol Hill Historic District in Salt Lake City, Utah