This 1 1/2 story home has a basement down the slope. Chimneys are located at gable ends. The symmetrical main façade displays two front doors and two-over-two, double hung windows. The hipped roof front porch has square, classically derived Victorian columns. Later extensions in the vernacular manner include a shed roof lean-to.

Evidence of title and directory suggests the house was built about 1884 for Daniel Cross, listed in the 1885 directory as a “capitalist”. A member of the LDS Church, Cross died in 1895 and full title was acquired by one son Nephi Lorenzo Cross, born Sept 13, 1854 Oxford England. A brakeman for the Central Pacific, he married Louisa Hill, born 1859 in Utah. The house remained in the family until 1937. Little is readily known of Daniel Cross or his other son, William H. Cross.

Located at 477 Center Street (parcel is listed as 467) in the Capitol Hill Historic District in Salt Lake City, Utah