This is a two story, Box type home with a hip roof. There is a central hipped
dormer on the front roof of the house and a classically inspired porch which wraps around to the eastern side of the house. – D. Diana Johnson

Charles Henry Jenkinson purchased this property from Thomas Marnane in 1903. 2 The following year he had a home built for himself and his wife, Mary A.R. St.Clair. Charles, a native of Lowell, Mass., was associated with railroads all his life. He eventually became the local treasurer of the Oregon Short Line Railroad in 1901.

In 1931 the home was sold to Davis L. and Lillian Boley Shurtleff who had been living in it since 1926. The Shurtleff’s maintained ownership through 1940.

Located at 31 Gray Avenue in the Capitol Hill Historic District in Salt Lake City, Utah