This house was built in 1916 for Edward T. Ashton by his own firm, Ashton Brothers, contractors. Ashton was born in 1855 in Salt Lake City, the son of Edward Ashton and Jane Trehorne. He married Effie W. Morris. Ashton was an active member of the L.D.S. Church and held a number of offices. His partnership with his brother, George S. Ashton later became the Ashton Improvement Co. Ashton’s company, Utah Consolidated Stone Co. furnished the exterior stone for the State Capitol Building, the L.D.S. Church Administration building, and the Utah County Courthouse, Provo. Ashton was responsible for building “thousands of homes” in Salt Lake, especially in the western and southeastern parts of the city. This house was occupied by Mrs. Cora T. Ashton and a large number of Ashton children. In 1937 the house passed out of the Ashton family to Home Owners Loan Corp. in a sheriff’s sale.

This is a two story, brick-and-stone Bungalow. It has a multiple hip roof, and a stone trimmed front porch. The two story front porch has Been enclosed on the second story. There is an oriel on the south, façade. – D. Diana Johnson

Located at 429 Wall Street in the Capitol Hill Historic District in Salt Lake City, Utah.