This structure was erected as rental dwelling by the Franklin R. Snow Company around w 1927. Their construction necessitated the leveling of the Anna Beckstrom Snow home x built sometime in the early 1880’s. Anna was the widow of Erastus Snow; Franklin was one of his sons who had become a well to do contractor. In the 1920’s his personal property was incorporated into the Franklin R. Snow Company.

This one and one half story multiplex has a Mediterranean character dating from the 1930 f s. It is a multi-gabled, multi-level complex organized on an overall “U” plan with a central landscaped courtyard. Red tile covers the roof. Walls are made of alternating courses of large and small pink-tinted concrete blocks. Windows are metal casement types.

Located at 55-65 East 200 North in the Capitol Hill Historic District in Salt Lake City, Utah.