The George Albert Smith Fieldhouse, often just called the Smith Fieldhouse is one of the buildings on BYU Campus.

There us a plaque in the hall that reads:

In memory of

  • J. Bernard Critchfield
  • Antoine A. Dalton
  • Theodore R. Gledhill
  • Gordon K. Lewis
  • Roger W. Parkinson
  • James L. Peterson
  • Marion E. Probert
  • Richard R. Wilkins

On the gray, stormy morning of November 27, 1965, these charter members of the B.Y.U. Cougar Club left Salt Lake City enroute to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to witness the Western Athletic Conference Championship football game. Several minutes after take-off, the aircraft encountered a storm and crashed into a mountainside near Point of the Mountain, midway between Salt Lake City and Provo. All occupants were killed instantly.

The courage of their wives, in the highest tradition of B.Y.U. athletics is exemplified in the telegram sent to the team after the accident by Beverly Robinson Probert, wife of Dr. Marion Probert, prominent Salt Lake City physician and former all-conference football player from B.Y.U. who was one of those killed:

My husband, Marion Probert, has been waiting with great anticipation for this game for many years, he was pulling for your victory. Please do your best to see his wish fulfilled.

Although saddened and shocked by the tradgedy, the B.Y.U. team entered the game with inensified determination. The result was a 42 -8 victory over the University of New Mexico which brouhgt B.Y.U. its first conference football championship in history.

Therefore, in honor of those named above, this east addition to the George Albert Smith Fieldhouse is dedicated to their memory. May 14, 1966