According to a building permit, this home was built in 1909. The one and one half story frame house was built at a cost of $3,500. The original owner of the home was Joseph Larson.
Larson was born about 1846. He was an employee of the Taylor-Armstrong Lumber Company. He died May 24, 1911. His wife, Clara, remained in this home until 1913.

The chain of title on the home is as follows:

  • Jacob T. Raleigh to Clara Larson 1909
  • C. Larson to N.H. Clayton Co. 1913
  • N.H. Clayton Co. to Eva M. Thompson 1923
  • E.M. Thompson to John L. Raynolds 1926
  • est. of J.L. Reynolds to Beda Johnson 1936

Located at 337 North 200 West in the Capitol Hill Historic District in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This is a one and one half story house with a cross gable roof and front and side gables. The gables have projecting eaves with bargeboards, returns, and round attic windows. Windows have small square panes dentiled molding at the tops. The indented front and porch has square pillars and fluted doric columns on wood shingled balustrade. – Thomas Hanchett