This is the page to check for the hints/clues for this specific $100 treasure hunt, the 15th monthly Utah Treasure Hunt.

The goal is to use the clues listed below to find the location and once there, get the code word and send it to me. The first to do that wins this hunt.

The clues lead toward the code word in order but it isn’t necessary to actually find them all, just the code word.

The code word is the 8-letter word above Fruit.

For more info on the treasure hunts in general visit this page: Utah Treasure Hunt.

  1. Water Tank
  2. Gallery
  3. Kiwanis
  4. Fountain
  5. Gold Medal
  6. Jim Davidson Art
  7. Heart
  8. Diamond
  9. Coca-Cola Relieves Fatigue
  10. Alaska
  11. Low temperature rock
  12. Wheelbarrow
  13. Sean
  14. Clock
  15. Helena
  16. Bonneville
  17. The song this song is a parody of.
  18. Dragon
  19. Pig
  20. ZCMI
  21. Kansas
  22. Chicken
  23. Get Out
  24. Rabbit
  25. Craft
  26. City
  27. Porter
  28. Wisdom
  29. Beauty
  30. James

This one was found by Brian Burt in Ogden on December 22nd