278 N. Canyon Road, Salt Lake City.   (Just outside Memory Grove)

This 1911 bungalow is typical of this style in Salt Lake and contributes to
the character of the historic district. The owner, George A. Sims, was a businessman in Salt Lake.

George A. Sims, a co-owner of the Salt Lake Transfer Company, was born in
Salt Lake City April 25, 1880. He married Neil Brockholt in 1904. After her
death, she married Ethel Anderson Jensen and then later Mary Islay McIntyre.

Sims was a member of the IDS church. He fulfilled a mission to Northwestern States and was involved in Boy Scouts and MIA work.

One and one-half story bungalow with a porch that is a natural extension of the roof. The porch is supported by pairs of square columns on brick piers. There is a large central dormer with three windows. The roof and dormer are hipped. The house is typical of the type of bungalow.