236 N. Canyon Road, Salt Lake City.   (Just outside Memory Grove)

This 1903 two-story house combines the pioneer and house pattern book forms. It contributes to the character of the district. The owner, Vernee L. Halliday, was a businessman in Salt Lake City.

Halliday was born in England on February 10, 1852. He came to Utah and
settled in Prove where he served as a member of the Utah Legislature and as Utah County Clerk. He lived In Salt Lake for forty years and was a member of the Ensign High Priest Quorum. He also served as a patriarch.

Halliday was the manager for the Viavi Company in Utah and Idaho. The
Viavi Company manufactured medicines.

This two story house is a combination of pioneer and house pattern book
forms. It has diamond-shaped and circular windows. There is a Greek Revival type cornice and frieze. The porch has a flat roof and the main roof is gabled.