I stopped by to get pictures of this home before it was demolished but it was already gone. A little history below:

From Marlene Little:
“My grandparents George and Rita Phelps home at 1533 South 900 West is coming down sometime soon. It is the last of 3 houses moved there by my Grandfather in 1952 before the flood. The water came an inch from the top of the porch. They came from Goddard Court. The garage came from Sacred Harp church. It has no parking above the garage doore. The house was the same material as the garage till we put on siding on it.

A friend moved the middle home, Morrise Kunz to Murray somewhere. When Mom married Dad, he dug out the foundation to that middle house for a garden.

It was sold to the state, it will have either a VA home or an alcohol warehouse on the 5 acres.”

Photos from google: