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The Hope Rising – To Lift a Nation Story

Hope Rising – To Lift a Nation, is a heroic-size (9ft) bronze monument that depicts the three firemen who raised the American flag at Ground Zero soon after the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City.

The photograph of that poignant moment was captured by Thomas E. Franklin, a photographer for The Record, a newspaper in Bergen County, New Jersey. World-renowned sculptor, Stan Watts, was granted permission to create a sculpture in the likeness of this photograph.

The humble wish of the three firemen depicted here is to honor the brave fire fighters who perished running up the stairs, offering hope to everyone running down.

This monument will stand as a permanent reminder of a day we should never forget. It will serve as a fitting memorial for those we list in the attacks of 9.11, and have since list in the war on terror.

Most importantly, it will stand as a symbol of the hope we felt on the day we lost so many… and stood together.

The Healing Field Story

Dear Visitor,

Amidst the horrific aftermath of the terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001, three New York City firefighters quietly raised an American Flag. A flagpole bearing an American Flag, the simplest of devices, supported by the rubble of what used to be the World Trade Center, became a powerful symbol of hope to our country that day. That hope offered a measure of meaning to the rest of us as we processed with heavy hearts these cowardly attacks on our own soil.

In that spirit, on September 10th, 2002, as the first anniversary approached, the first Healing First Flag Display was erected 200 feet directly south of this location. The massive field of United States flags posted on 8 ft. tall poles, set in a reverent grid of perfect rows and columns, became a solemn, unifying and patriotic tribute clearly demonstrating the enormity of the loss of the 2,981 souls murdered on that fateful day. Many of the tens of thousands of visitors expressed a sense of healing as they walked through the field of flags. The title “Healing Field Flag Display” was adopted.

By September of 2003, 534 men and women of our armed forces had perished in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Flags honoring our fallen military were posted a 4 more flag memorials arose on the second anniversary throughout the country. The designation “Field of Honor” was adopted for the military tribute flag displays. By the third anniversary, 35 additional fields of flags arose across America. By the tenth anniversary, 523 Healing Field and Field of Honor flag displays had touched the lives of millions nationwide.

To the thousands of dedicated volunteers, Colonial Flag employees, generous friends, courageous Front Line Responders and members of our Armed Forces which came together each year to create a place to remember, honor and heal, I thank you.

Paul B. Swenson – September 11th, 2011

Hope Rising – To Lift a Nation Memorial

This memorial is made possible by the generosity of our sponsors. Their support, as well as their dedication to freedom, loyalty to our flag, and commitment to our community will never be forgotten.

Special Thanks

Sandy City – Mayor Tom Dolan & The Sandy City Council
Salt Lake County – Mayor Peter Corroon & The County Council


IPM, Inc. – Ralph Dlugas
Larry H. Miller Family – LHM Charities
Les Olson Company
Colonial Flag Company
Arlen Crouch
Energy Solutions
KUTV2 News
Merit Medical
Sandy Area Chambers
Todd Maurer
Workers Compensation Fund
105.7 AM – 570 AM

Design & Construction

Stan Watts (Sculptor)
Van Schelt Design
Monument Arts
CMI Specialty Insulation
Ensign Engineering
Layton Construction
Rob Saxey Construction