This 1902 Victorian style house has been altered so it is hard to describe the original character of the house. However, it has enough of its original characteristics so it contributes to the historic district. The owner, Ezra 0. Best, was a contractor in Salt Lake City.

Ezra O. Best, a contractor in Salt Lake City, built this house in 1903. He lived in this and the duplex next door for most of his life. He was born in Salt Lake in 1859 and was the son of Aired and Margaret Oakley Best. He married Caroline Donaldson.

This house has been stuccoed over in front and a front addition makes it impossible to describe the style. Segmentally arched windows. Victorian hood attached to apex of front gable. One story house.

Located at 165 4th Avenue in the City Creek Canyon Historic District of Salt Lake City, Utah.