Sarah Houston

Born – Stark County, Ohio 8/3/1823
Died – Coyote, Utah 5/26/1886

Married by Brigham Young to Parley P. Pratt in Nauvoo, Illinois, on October 15, 1845, the seventh of Pratt’s twelve known plural wives. Widowed opun Pratt’s death in Arkansas on May 13, 1857.

Mother of four Pratt children:

  • Julia Pratt (Gardner) 1847-1903
  • Mormon Pratt 1850-1850
  • Teancum Pratt 1851-1900
  • Sarah Elizabath Pratt (King) 1856-1891

Married by Brigham Young to A. Lewis Taussig in Salt Lake City, Utah, on November 15, 1857, the third of Taussig’s three known plural wives. Taussig’s fate after 1862 is unknown.

Mother of three Taussig children:

  • Almira Isabella Taussig (Cuthbertson) 1858-1930
  • Davis Philip Taussig (aka Pratt) 1860-1923
  • William Taussig (aka Gardner) 1862-1948

Sarah Houston Pratt Taussig died in Coyote while here living with her daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Pratt, wife of Culbert King. That daughter is buried nearby.

This is located in the Antimony Cemetery in Antimony, Utah