Interstate 70 / I-70 in Utah

I-70 starts at I-15 at Cove Fort, Utah and goes 2200 miles east to Baltimore, this page is to document places along it in Utah.

Immediately upon starting on I-70 you go up the mountain and down to Fremont Indian State Park before coming out into the Sevier Valley and going by the towns of Sevier, Joseph, Elsinore, Richfield and the last one is Salina before heading up Salina Canyon and beginning the longest stretch of interstate without services in the entire country.

When you come out of Salina Canyon you are in the San Rafael Swell, see this page for a more detailed documenting of I-70 through the Swell.

Green River is the only city you’ll pass before Colorado but Crescent Junction has a gas station as well as Thompson Springs and Cisco isn’t far off the road.

The rest areas along the route are listed on this page.