The Tintic T.
Another of the many hillside letters in Utah, this one is a T above Tintic High School in Eureka, Utah.

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This hillside letter is the oldest high school letter in the USA, created in 1912.

Mr. Jay Evans taught Industrial Arts at Tintic High School for 46 years. The name “Shop Ninja” was coined for the stealthy way he moved around the shop catching unsupervised rebels using his famous death grip. With his vast knowledge, he and the shop kids, crated many things that adorn the school and the community: bookcases, podiums, sheds, dressing rooms, props, benches, houses, tables, cabinets, and pens as he got older. During his career, he was the master of the T. He directed flames around the T with sawdust, crude oil, diesel, and finally, LED lights. Every year, he directed the creation of the letters that appear on the T. We thank him for all the help and guidance he brought to the alumni if THS and hope that what he taught won’t be “whitewashed” away. Mr Evans, you are the glue that has held us together.