E. Ray Staley

Livestock grazing and ranching have sustained rural economies of Utah and the West since the early days of settlement. Not only has ranching formed the basis of rural culture, livestock has provided food, clothing, and income to thousands of families.

Sheepmen established trails to move their sheep to distant ranges as this area was settled and competition for livestock forage became more intense. Millions of sheep have passed along this point on the Pony Express Sheep Trail on their way to and from the West Desert winter ranges. Today, this trail is one of the few sheep trails remaining as numbers of sheep grazing on public lands are declining and ranchers are transporting their sheep by truck.

E. Ray Staley, a sheepman, mustanger, livestock industry leader and family man is memorialized for his devotion to the betterment of the sheep industry and good public land stewardship.

This memorial is located at Lookout Pass.