This is one of the oldest houses in Spring City. James Tillman Sanford Allred (1825-1902), a son of James Allred, constructed the original portion of the house from sawn logs. He was an original settler of Manti in 1849. He helped explore the area with his father and moved to the Allred Settlement in 1852. Like many of the earliest settlers he was forced to move to Manti before moving back to what became known as Spring Town. He was an interpreter for the area’s Native Americans some of who visited his home. After 1919 the house was sided and in 1962 a frame addition was added and stuccoed. More recently vinyl siding has encased the dwelling.

Located at 96 East 400 South in the Spring City Historic District in Spring City, Utah

This is a one-story “ship-lap” frame house with a hip roof.

The house is a good example of early twentieth century building styles in Spring City.

Lot originally deeded to Samuel Allred, 1870. Transferred in 1887 to James T.S Allred, Jr. for $15.00. Sterna Allred 1896, $200. James was the son of James T.S. Allred who was one of Spring City’s original settlers.