Liberty Fuel – Latuda, Utah


Latuda saw its first residents in 1914 when prospectors found coal in the area. The Liberty Fuel Mine opened in 1917 when Frank Latuda and Charles Picco bought the property and moved the portal closet to the canyon floor. 20 homes were built in 1918 and the town was named Liberty in honor of the mining company. The mine office was built in 1920. 35 homes were added in 1922. In 1923 the post office demanded the town name be changed because they were “overrun with towns named Liberty.” The residents renamed the town Latuda in honor of the mine owner. In its heyday Latuda’s population peaked around 400 and coal production reached 1600 tons per day. The decline in the coal market caused Liberty Fuel to shut down most of the operations in 1954. In 1966 the mine officially closed and by 1967 the last resident had moved out.

This historic marker is located on the Price River Parkway Gold Medal Mile in Helper, Utah and was dedicated by the Matt Warner Chapter 1900 of E Clampus Vitus on July 10, 2004 (6009)